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Let InterAngler LLC
help plan your next international angling adventure...."

Welcome to InterAngle LLC

Our Commitment is to lead you to the best fishing available worldwide. We are a unique full-service international outdoor travel agency that networks virtually all existing travel agents, outfitters, lodges and guides to give you a concise, unbiased perspective. Whether you are a fly, spin or casting angler interested in anything from peacock bass fishing in the Amazon to a tigerfish adventure in Zambia, we cross-examine all the different options and choose particular angling resources that best suit your personal criteria. Think of us as sort of a "buyer’s broker" for anglers looking for a specific international angling adventure. Let us help direct you, assuring that your trip-of-a-lifetime becomes a reality!
    "InterAngler LLC specializes in exotic international angling adventures targeting such species as peacock bass, payara, freshwater dorado, tigerfish, taimen, trout, char, northern pike, Atlantic and Pacific salmon, lake trout, flats, inshore and offshore species..."

To help you choose a specific outfitter, lodge or guide, we carefully measure the following considerations:

Optimal Angling Times – We Tell it Like it is . . . Virtually all destinations have a peak angling period. Knowing the pertinent seasonal idiosyncrasies of any location is an essential part of planning a successful fishing trip. We will tell you the best times to fish a particular destination, and warn you of any ‘off’ fishing periods. InterAngler LLC considers every detail from moon phase to seasonal weather patterns.
Specific Physical Conditions of Each Fishery . . . If you are interested in clear water sight fishing for tarpon, we won’t send you to Costa Rica where fish are often found holding in sixty feet of murky water.
Fish Size vs. Sheer Numbers . . . Is individual fish size more important than sheer numbers or vice versa? Each river in the Amazon system has it’s own idiosyncracies tailor made for a certain kind of angler. Some rivers have great trophy potential, but low numbers of fish. Other rivers have great numbers, but poor trophy potential. Certain rivers are better for fly casters, while others are spin/casting rivers only. It’s important to know where and what you’re fishing before you get there...
Incidental Species . . . Are you interested only in one species, or do you want the option of catching many different types of fish? If you want to go to Alaska to catch only silver salmon, we will recommend several coastal ‘fixed camp’ operations. If you want to catch the gamut of Alaskan species, a fly-out lodge or a ‘sky trekking’ trip will offer the widest range of choices.
Accommodation & Budget Considerations . . . Usually there are many different accommodation choices for a single destination. Do you want a full-service lodge, or do you want to budget by employing a private, daily-rate guide? We will make sure to show you all the options (not just the most expensive), and let you decide which is best.

Unparalleled Pre-Trip Information, Attention to Detail & Someone Knowledgeable to Talk With . . . Once you settle on a particular location, InterAngler LLC goes on to provide invaluable assistance regarding all pre-trip particulars. We will make sure that you arrive with all the right equipment from fishing tackle to clothing. Being equally well versed in fly and conventional angling techniques, we can fill you in on the most technical pre-trip details. When you call InterAngler LLC you will talk to a knowledgeable fishermen who knows that a spoon is not necessarily an eating utensil, and that a Grizzly Wulff is not the villain in Little Red Riding Hood.  

If you are looking for all the facts from a fresh, unbiased perspective, call us at (888) 347-4329 or e-mail us at interangler@newmexico.com

Tying Instructions for the Garrett's Red Baron/Amazon Annie Peacock Bass Jig


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